Pattaya 1960 to 1990


Picture slideshow video depicting Pattaya 1960 to 1990. As you can see even between these dates the city had changed dramatically. Now, in 2016 it is hardly recognisable as the same place. The bars have changed, the beach was a LOT bigger then bit one thing looks exactly the same – the Baht Buses; they don’t seem to have changed a bit. In 2010 Pattaya had a recorded population of 107,000 and it is estimated at 150,000 + in 2016. In reality it is likely to be closer to 500,000 given a huge unrecorded populous including many thousands of western expats.

Useful media

YouTube Channel – Thorsten Borchardt

Pattaya’s largest online forum with over 100,000 members – Pattaya Addicts Forum

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