Alcatraz Agogo Pattaya


A new, and probably the best ever, video from Alcatraz Agogo Pattaya. Alcatraz agogo bar opened in January 2011 and closed in early 2017. It was located in Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand. Itn its day it was Pattaya’s largest gogo bar although it would be fair to say most of the space, the upper floors, are rarely used.

YouTube Channel – PattayaAfterDark
Alcatraz Agogo Facebook –
Pattaya’s largest forum – Pattaya Addicts

As you can no doubt guess from the name the bar has a prison theme. Initially this was both the interior decor and the staff, and dancers, uniforms. These days the dancers wear more traditional gogo bar apparel as can be seen from the video.

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